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Glossary management software

Glossary management software

This program will greatly help translators who are required to use provided glossaries in their translations. The glossary should be an MS Excel file with two columns, left being the original language words and the right being their translations.
Just open a glossary file (GF) ( *.xls, *.xlsx) and a text file (TF) ( *.txt, *doc, *.docx, *.rtf, *.html, *.odt), and the program will highlight all occurrences of the words of phrases listed in the Glossary. Highlight color is by default 25% gray, but the user can change it according to his needs to yellow or blue.

The program will create a new file of the same type in the same location as the original with "tr_" added to the original filename. The program will terminate after it.

Trial Version will reverse all glossary strings occurring in the text and add words "UNREGISTERED VERSION" to it, e.g., occurrence of word "Swashplate" will after processing look like "UNREGISTERED etalphsawS VERSION". Unicode is not supported in trial version.

Full version is available directly from Dimitry Prihodko (DPrihodko@inbox.ru).

To download click here.