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Translation from English into Polish

ALBA Translation agency does translation from English into Polish and from Polish into English of texts on different themes. In spite of the fact that many citizens of Poland know English, translation of documents from Polish into English is needed quite often.

Polish is one of the West Slavic languages and is the official language of Poland. The total number of native Polish speakers is 43 million people, who live in 16 countries of the world (Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, the USA and Canada). 97 % of the population of Poland consider Polish their native language.

The earliest text in Polish dates from 1227–1310. The development of Polish was influenced by a great number of languages (Latin, Czech, French, German, Italian and Russian). World War II led to appearance of areas of Polish in other countries of Europe.

Interesting facts about Polish

• The cartoon Cinderella translated into Polish is called Kopciusezek.
• According to the 2001 population census, 26 % of the population of Lithuania speaks Polish and 667,414 people speak Polish in the USA (as of 2000).
• According to a Polish legend, only a marriage entered into in a month the Polish name of which has the letter “r” will be happy. The months May (Polish maj), January (styczeń), February (luty), April (kwiecień), July (lipiec) and November (listopad) do not match this criterion.